Date of publication: 27/06/2023

The transition begins!

Council General International

In the coming weeks there will be changes and restructuring

With the election of the 17 th President General International, brother Juan Manuel Buergo Gómez, the period of administrative transition begins. The transition will take place until September 9 th , the date of the inauguration of the new Board, which will take place in the Chapel of Saint Vincent de Paul in Paris.

During this period, to facilitate the transition and at the request of President-élect Buergo Gómez, some officers may be appointed before September 9 by brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, the 16 th President General.

In addition, brother Renato Lima is suspending the “Terms of Reference” of all the current functions because the new administration will take decisions on a new organizational chart, new functions, new services and new collaborators.

At the General Assembly held in Rome a few days ago, President Lima de Oliveira handed the President-elect a 100 pages document entitled “TRANSITION DOCUMENT” containing suggestions and recommendations for improving the Council General’s governance.

To all those who collaborated in this mandate (2016/2023), brother Renato Lima thanks them from the bottom of his heart, for the commitment, charity and loyalty with which they served the poor, the Vincentians, the National Councils and the Council General, dedicating hours and hours to our beloved SSVP.

To those who will receive an invitation from the new President General, we pray to God that they all accept the challenge! It is an honor, a privilege and an immense joy to serve the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul through some international service within the Council General.

The schedule for the inauguration of the 17 th President General will be announced in due course with a Mass and ceremony on September 9 th , in Paris.

On September 8th, there will be a visit to the tomb of the 2 nd President General, brother Jules Gossin. As well, two activities at the international headquarters will comprise the inclusion of a photograph of President Lima de Oliveira in the “Presidential Gallery” and the inauguration of the “Presidential Showcase” containing souvenirs received during trips made by former President Generals.