Date of publication: 28/07/2020

“The SSVP’s Rule in the Light of Pope Francis”

Council General International

The Council General International congratulates France’s National Council for the excellent initiative of launching La Règle de la SSVP à la lumière du Pape François (The SSVP’s Rule in the Light of Pope Francis). This booklet is very well produced, with eye-catching images and illustrations, in addition to the Supreme Pontiff’s comments. The French President, Michel Lanternier, sent a copy to the President General, Renato Lima, who is very grateful, “this initiative will undoubtedly contribute to making the SSVP’s Rule known, appreciated and loved, thereby disseminating the principles and foundations of our Society, especially among the new generations”, remarked the PGI.

Fellow members who wish to get a copy thereof may do so at the following link