Date of publication: 13/06/2019

The song The Seven Founders will be launched during the CGI’s Plenary Session (Oporto, Portugal)

Council General International

On June 13, the Council General International (CGI) of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP), during their annual meeting in Oporto (Portugal), will launch the song The Seven Founders. This will honour the first members who, through divine inspiration, founded the Society in 1833. At the same time, this event will also commemorate the 180th anniversary of the meeting of the General Council.

Download the song – “the 7 founders” – Spanish version

The song, as yet unpublished, was written by two Brazilians, Pauló César Felizardo da Silva and José Augusto Felizardo da Silva, father and son respectively, active members of the Conference ‘María Reina Tres Veces Admirable’, (Mary, Queen of Heaven, three times admirable) in the city of Lorena (Province of San Pablo). They were invited to undertake this work by Renato Lima de Oliveira (16th President General International) who, knowing their musical talent, presented them with a challenge: compose a song to highlight the collegial foundation of the Society and its founders.

Renato stated: “I have a great admiration for the qualitative work of Paulo César and José Augusto. They know better than anyone else how to create Vincentian music and lyrics that touch the heart, that evangelize, and that strengthen the Vincentian charism. I believe that everyone will be pleased with their music. My hope is that every Vincentian will learn this song and sing it when they gather together for various meetings and activities.”

The song names the seven founders and highlights their virtues and in this way makes known these Founders to others who perhaps have never heard their names mentioned. During the meeting of the Council, in addition to the Portuguese version, the music will be interpreted in Spanish by Claudia Zamora.

The adaptation of the lyrics to Spanish was done by Juan Tirado, who had composed the international anthem of the Society entitled La Luz (The Light). Paulo César and Juan Tirado have given all rights of authorship to the General Council which now becomes the owner of the song. Very soon, we will initiate a musical competition to choose lyrics in English, French and Italian. The melody ought to be the same and the lyrics ought to reflect the theme of the Portuguese and Spanish version.

Paulo Cesar and José Augusto recorded their first Vincentian music in 2007. In 2019, at the time of the Vincentian pilgrimage to the city of Aparecida, the father-son team presented their second recording entitled A nuestros maestros y señores (To our lords and masters). Paulo César stated: “Even though I do not deserve this privilege, I feel honoured to be able to contribute to the life of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul and to engrave my name into such a noble history as we honour our founders. This has been an incredible grace from God.”

The Seven Founders (This is not an official translation)

Seven friends in Paris
Young and fearless
Serious and intelligent
Committed to Jesus.

Hearts filled with love
Struggling on behalf of the poor
The Holy Spirit enlightened
Them with God’s Grace

With the experience of Bailly
The humility of Devaus
And the virtues of Lallier
Our Rule was drawn up the way
Lamache was just
Clavé was open-minded
Le Taillandier active in charity

Without tension or grudges
But with the power of solidarity
A light shined forth
And the world was illuminated
And make Ozanam’s dream come true

Without tension or grudges
But with the power of solidarity
A light shined forth
And the world was illuminated
A network of charity came into existence
Our Society was established
And a network of charity came into existence

Click here to listen to the song in Spanish versión

Click here to listen to the song in Portuguese versión