Date of publication: 28/08/2020

The Results of Félix Clavé – Literary Contest will be Announced on September 9

Council General International

The Council General International is pleased to inform you that the result of the literary contest “The First Conference – Felix Clavé” will be announced on September 9, 2020 on the Council General’s website:  

Thirty-one academic papers with highest quality were received. The texts come from Nigeria (11), Brazil (5), France (2), United States (2), Ghana (2), India (2), Honduras (2), Argentina (1), Australia (1), New Zealand (1), Spain (1) and Lebanon (1). Congratulations to all the participants!

Pierre-Emmanuel-Félix Clavé was born on July 8, 1811, in the south of France. In addition to founding the SSVP with his friends, Clavé was also the founder of a Vincentian Conference in the district where he lived in Paris (Saint Philippe du Roule).  Besides, Clavé was the author of several articles, books and other publications.

He married Marie-Louise Sorg on February 11, 1847 in Paris, in the church of Our Lady of Loreto. The couple had no children. He fought all his life to redeem his reputation because he was unjustly involved in a legal case. He died due to health problems in the city of Pau, at the age of 42, on November 9, 1853. The Board of Council General, God willing, will soon visit the grave of this co-founder.

The “International Year of Clavé” will end on December 8, 2020 with the celebration of a Holy Mass in all the parishes where there are Vincentian Conferences.

Those who are enthusiastic about Vincentian literature and academic research can already be prepared, as in 2021 the General Council will launch the literary competition on co-founder Jules Devaux.