Date of publication: 05/08/2019

The President General will answer questions posed by Vincentians from around the world on Facebook Live

Council General International

On August 10th, 2019 (Saturday), at 6 pm [universal time (UTC) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)], our 16th President General, the fellow member, Renato Lima de Oliveira, will take part in a Talk Show on Facebook Live to discuss with Vincentians from all over the world and answer questions and comments.

This 1-hour live talk show will be broadcast on Facebook’s Ozanam TV ( The President General will answer questions in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. We kindly request Vincentians who speak other languages (Italian, French or Arabic) to ask their questions in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

Our President General remarked: “It will be the first time in the history of the Council General that such an initiative has been launched on social media sites. I am very glad while thrilled. Our idea is to foster, on a regular basis, this type of communication on Ozanam TV. We strive to make this term of office as transparent as possible and to bring the Council General closer to the Vincentians who serve the poorest in their Conferences. We want to inform, we want to listen and, above all, we want to dialogue with our courageous Vincentians.“.

We kindly request other Vincentians and National Councils to share the video on their respective Facebook sites while the show is airing so that as many interested people as possible can follow the interview and seize this opportunity for direct contact with the President General. Join in! For more information: Check when the Talk Show starts (local time for some cities has been provided):