Date of publication: 27/12/2019

The President General Visits Lebanon in January 2020

Council General International

From January 3 to 7, 2020, the sixteenth President General, our fellow member Renato Lima de Oliveira, will make the official visit to the SSVP’s National Council of Lebanon. In this country, the SSVP has 50 Conferences with more than 1,000 members and a vibrant Vincentian youth.

“God willing, we will visit this important Middle Eastern country, where the SSVP has an old tradition. Founded in 1860, the Society provides the most needy with excellent charitable service, regardless of the religion they profess. The Vincentians of Lebanon have been working with great care, achieving excellent results, both in home visits and in social, educational, medical and development projects”, said President Renato Lima.

The President General’s agenda, prepared with great affection by the brothers and sisters of the National Council of Lebanon, is full of activities, including the following: the visit to several Conferences; meetings with bishops, monsignors, priests and other authorities of the Catholic Church; meetings with young people; meetings with the Vincentian Family; a working meeting at the National Council; lectures for Vincentians; visit to social projects; visit to a refugee camp; participation in celebrations and holy masses; audiences with the patriarch and apostolic nuncio; and visit to special works supported by the SSVP. In addition to Beirut, another 15 places will be visited throughout the country.

“We are very happy with the visit of dear brother Renato Lima to Lebanon, although we are experiencing very intense social and political manifestations in our country, as is happening in other parts of the planet. We will stick to the originally proposed agenda, but it is clear that protecting the President General and the other Vincentians is our priority”, emphasized the national president, brother Paul Fakhr El Kallassi.

In recent years, the Council General International has frequently visited Lebanon, with the presence of many leaders, including 12th President General (brother Amin de Tarrazi), as well as members of the International Structure. According to sister Ella Salhab Bitar, International Territorial Vice-president for the Middle East and 1st National Vice-president, Lebanese Vincentians are looking forward to the arrival of President Renato Lima with great expectations and happiness.

Let’s pray for the success of the visit and for the safety of all those involved.