Date of publication: 14/09/2018

The new edition 2/2018 of the Ozanam Network newsletter is already available

Council General International

We have the joy of reporting that edition No. 2/2018 of the Bulletin “Ozanam Network”, official publication of the International General Council of the SSVP is now available.

The highlights of this edition are the 2nd International Youth Meeting of the SSVP and the International Annual Meeting, events held a few weeks ago in Salamanca, Spain. The bulletin also includes the result of the 2nd Contest “The First Conference “, which this year focus on the life of the founder François Lallier. Other interesting information included: news from SSVP Countries; Editorial about the importance of training; Missionary trips of the President-General; Articles of spirituality; Updated information about the film Festival “The Seven Founders “…

We encourage all Superior/National councils to collaborate with the General council in the dissemination of the aforementioned newsletter, making it possible to reach all Councils, social projects and Conferences. We congratulate the communication team of the General Council for the excellent work done and also to the translators for their hard work.

The newsletter can be read on this link: Ozanam Network 2/2018