Date of publication: 13/08/2018

The General Council launches the film festival on the seven founders of the SSVP

Council General International

During the annual meetings of the International General Council (CGI), held in Salamanca (Spain) in June 2018, we announced the rules for participating in the Festival “The Seven Founders”, which seeks to focus on the moment when the first Vincentian Conference was founded.

The festival aims at stimulating the knowledge and research, in a playful and talented way, about the origin of the SSVP and the main role of the seven founders: Antoine Frederic Ozanam, Auguste Le Taillandier, Jules Delvaux, Paul Lamache, François Lallier, Félix Clavé and Emmanuel Bailly de Surcy.

Only the active Vincentians in the conferences can participate in the festival. The videos or films presented can be produced in three formats: short film (up to 40 minutes), medium-length film (from 41 to 69 minutes) and feature film (70 minutes).

The deadline for the submission of videos or films to the General Council is 15th May 2019. The audio-visual works will be evaluated by a special commission and the announcement of the winners will take place on 9th September 2019, date of the liturgical feast of Ozanam. The awards range from 1,000 to 2,000 euros.

“We hope that there will be very interesting productions, set in the Paris of 1833, when those seven visionaries had, under the inspiration of the Divine Providence, the brilliant idea of founding the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. The seven of them, without exception, were instrumental in the establishment of this important charity, which today provides relevant services to mankind”, stated the fellow member Renato Lima, 16th President General.

Click here to know the rules of the festival. Take part! Do not miss this historic opportunity.