Date of publication: 08/06/2020

The Deadline of Clavé’s International Literary Contest is less than 30 days away

Council General International

There’s still time! Essays for the International Literary Contest “The First Conference”, this year devoted to the founder Pierre-Emmanuel-Félix Clavé, should be submitted within 30 days. The deadline set by Council General International (CGI) is July 8th. So, dear brothers and sisters, especially our young people, hurry up! 

As expected, the CGI has already received some very high-quality essays. Contest rules and annex are available on the CGI’s website ( As for the length of essays, they should not exceed 20 pages. 

Cash prizes will be awarded for the three best essays (1,000€, 750€ and 500€, respectively). The Vincentian Conferences of the winning authors will also receive the very same cash prizes, to be allocated to the families and individuals assisted, or to Vincentian works.

 Essays may be submitted in one of five official languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian and French. The organizing committee will announce the final result on September 9th, 2020, and the prizes will be awarded to the winners immediately afterwards.

Hence, we kindly request Superior Councils to share this piece of news with the Conferences and Councils in their respective countries, as well as with Vincentian schools and colleges, and Catholic universities. Take advantage of this lockdown and prepare your essay! 

For further information:

Documents to be downloaded:  Rules & Annex.

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