Date of publication: 25/02/2019

The Council General International Meets Next Week

Council General International

In the next few days, Paris will host new meetings from the Council General International (CGI) of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP).

On March 2nd, members from the International Commission for Aid and Development (CIAD), chaired by the fellow member, Graham West (Australia), will be meeting to assess and debate the allocation of economic resources to a variety of social projects proposed by Superior Councils.

On March 3rd, the Permanent Section meeting will be held. Attendees will analyse a possible change of headquarters of the General Council, according to a proposal made by a buyer who lives nearby.

On March 4th, the quarterly meeting of the CGI board will be held, conducted by the fellow member, Renato Lima de Oliveira, the 16th President General. There are many topics to be discussed in the agenda, namely, the meetings to be held by the General Council which will take place in Porto (Portugal), next June.

On that very day, March 4th, in the afternoon, the International Territorial Vice-Presidents (ITVP) will attend a workshop conducted by the fellow member, Júlio César Marques de Lima (the ITVP for America 3), focusing on the good practices of territorial vice-presidencies.

“I am sure our debates will be enlightened by the Divine Providence for good decision-making. Hence, God willing, it is our wish that all meetings will yield promising results, always for the greater glory of God, and for the sake of SSVP. The General Council strives to improve the management and propose new projects”, our president Renato pointed out.

We ask everyone to pray for the success of these initiatives.