Date of publication: 12/09/2022

The Council General Announces the Results of the International Contest for Pierre-Auguste Le Taillandier Thematic Year

Council General International

On the feast day of Blessed Frederic Ozanam, the CGI is pleased to announce the results of the international contest for Pierre-Auguste Le Taillandie thematic year, and also that 2023 will be devoted to Jules Gossin.

The President General International, Renato Lima de Oliveira, on behalf of the Council General International, is pleased to announce the results of the 6th International Literary Contest “the First Conference – International Thematic Year of Pierre-Auguste Le Taillandier”.

Contest Results Pierre-Auguste Le Taillandier 2022

  • 1st Prize: Cláudia Marcia de Freitas Pereira. Brazil: 1,000€
  • 2nd Prize (ex aequo): Adenilton Faustino Moreira. Brazil and Philippe Menet. France: 750€
  • 3rd Prize (ex aequo): Kyrian Chigoziri Njoku. Nigeria and Njoku Tochukwu Collins. Nigeria: 500€

The SSVP’s Council General International will also grant an equivalent amount to the Conference to which the author of the work belongs. The money granted to the Conference will be fully allocated to social work, activities or projects carried out by the Conference, represented by its President.

We congratulate all the participants and all those who have helped to organise this Contest. “The Organising Committee is impressed with the contents and presentation of the works, which are improving year after year. The Council General welcomes the interest aroused within the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in the Thematic Year project, which aims at further delving into the work produced by each of the seven young founders. The key goal is to ensure that the knowledge shared by everyone concerning the emergence of the first Conference and the subsequent development of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has an impact, that the history of the founders is known, that it is spoken about, that it is of value as an example, especially for the young people who are attending Conferences today. The seven founders collectively created our Society.For this reason, with respect and consideration, we remember the legacy bequeathed to us.“, said our President General, Renato Lima

We would like to remind you that the upcoming 2023 International Thematic Year will be devoted to Jules Gossin. Those fellow members who are interested in taking part of the contest, which will be launched on February 8th, 2023, can start preparing their submissions.