Date of publication: 13/02/2019

The Conferences in Cyprus, a Growing Trend

Council General International

Conference of the Holy Virgin Mary of Nicosia

The two existing Conferences belonging to the recently established SSVP Cyprus, the Holy Virgin Mary of Nicosia and Saint Joseph of Larnaca, took part in an institutional training session.

Ella Bitar, the International Territorial Vice-President, conducted an institutional training session where Cypriot Vincentians explored in depth, among other matters, the need to live according to the Vincentian spirituality, the importance of holding regular Conference meetings and the fact of encouraging new members to join in.

Using examples and testimonies, Ella Bitar spoke with the Vincentian attendees about the different ways to help in the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP): it is not only about providing goods and financial support but it is also about reaching our key goal consisting of making the presence of God part of our lives and being disciples of Christ.

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Conference of Saint Joseph of Larnaca

In addition to these important issues on the functioning and the mission of the SSVP, there was a dialogue that led to a deeper understanding about the commitment and service offered by the Vincentians. On this regard, we should persevere, especially in light of those activities that we carry out on behalf of those who are most vulnerable: homeless individuals, families in need, sick people, children and teenagers who are at risk …

At the end of this gathering, the Vincentians experienced both joy and responsibility with respect to their mission: their commitment to give themselves to Christ in the person of those people who are most in need.