Date of publication: 03/09/2019

The CGI Publishes the Activity Report regarding the First Three Years of the Current Term of Office

Council General International

On September 9th, 2019, Renato Lima, the SSVP’s President General, as well as other members belonging to the Board and the international structure will complete three years of their term of office.

In order to commemorate this date, the Council General’s Communication Team has produced a Three-Year Report (in PDF format), whose link is herein provided. The twenty-six-page document summarises the various activities and initiatives undertaken since 9th September 2016, when the Board took office. This report was launched during the plenary sessions held in June in Porto (Portugal).

Over these past three years, the Council General has made significant advances, particularly in the ten key focal points set out in the international strategic plan; namely, formation, youth, expansion of the Society, the recovery of the legacy of the Seven Founders, social projects, institutional relations, the Vincentian Family, and Frédéric Ozanam’s canonisation. Many countries have been visited by either the President General International or other members within the institutional structure. The Seven Founders are becoming better known and more deeply loved.

As a result of the current Board’s transparency when it comes to carrying out the work worldwide, it’s worth mentioning the fact that the CGI has drawn closer to all members all over the world. In this new stage, the CGI has become more dynamic and has been renewed, eager to provide more services to the Superior or National Councils while strengthening the unity and communion of our beloved SSVP.

The President General has stated: “We are most grateful for the active collaboration of so many individuals, who, during the past three years, have been involved in different international activities, commissions and missions of service. We are especially grateful for the collaboration of the Superior Councils’ members, who are part of our Confederation and have fully supported our initiatives. We must keep moving forward! I am very pleased with the work carried out by the Board and Paris’ staff. Our various accomplishments are the result of the unconditional commitment of those people who are most responsible for the success of our undertakings.”

We request both Superior and National Councils to submit this Three-Year Report (herein provided), to all Conferences, Social Projects and other local Councils in their respective countries or to publish the report on the Superior Councils’ websites. We also ask you to pray for the current CGI Board’s term of office. “It is an immense privilege and honour to serve at the Council General.”, concluded Renato Lima, speaking on behalf of the entire board and staff.

Click here to download and read the CGI’s Three-Year Report.