Date of publication: 11/09/2018

The CGI announces the results of the international contest in the Thematic Year dedicated to François Lallier

Council General International

On the day of the feast of blessed Frederic Ozanam, the IGC announces the results of the international contest in the Thematic Year dedicated to François Lallier and announces the year 2019, as the Thematic Year of Paul Lamache.

“Charity has its origin among the early Christians, it shapes people that love each other, that become better and therefore, God certainly blesses it and makes it both fruitful and lasting”. François Lallier 1837

The International President General Renato Lima de Oliveira, on behalf of the International General Council, has the immense satisfaction to announce the outcome of the second International Literary Contest “the First Conference – International Thematic Year of” François Lallier”.

1st Prize: Philippe Menet. Paris. France. 1.000€

2nd Prize: Luciana Moreira. Sao Paulo. Brazil. 750€

3rd Prize: Patricia Onuoha. Okigwe. Nigeria. 500€

Honorary Mention:

-Raymond L. Sickinger. Rhode Island. USA

-Eric Morell. Alicante. Spain

-Elza Alemão. Minas Gerais. Brazil

-Adenilton Moreira. Minas Gerais. Brazil

The SSVP International General Council will also reward the Conference to which belongs the author of the work with the same amount that he has received. The money awarded to the Conference will be entirely assigned for social work, activity or project carried out by the Conference, represented by its President.

The General Council has received 23 literary works submitted by fellow members from the following continents: 3 from Europe, 8 from Africa and 12 from America.

We congratulate all the participants and all those who have collaborated in the organization of this contest.

“The quality of the works caught the attention of the Organizing Committee in a positive way. The General Council is very pleased with the excellent repercussion that the project of the Thematic Years has had in the SSVP, in view of deepening the work of each of the seven young students, our founders. The objective is to highlight their personal contribution to the emergence of the first Conference and the subsequent SSVP’s spreading, in order to make them known and so that people speak about them, especially about the example and influence that they can exert on the young people that are currently joining the Conferences. It was them who, in a collegial and democratic way, decided to found our Society, and we recall their legacy with respect and consideration”, stated our President General, Renato Lima.

We remind you that the next International Thematic Year 2019 will be dedicated to PAUL LAMACHE. The fellow members interested can already get ready for the presentation to the contest, which will be launched on 8th February 2019.