Date of publication: 02/01/2019

Summary of Activities in 2018


  • Meetings held:
    • Annual Plenary Meeting of the General Council (June), in Salamanca (Spain);
    • Second International SSVP Youth Gathering (June) in Salamanca (Spain); launching of the video on the meeting and creation of the anthem “Youth in Hope”.
    • Meeting of Europe 1 countries (September), in England.
    • Working meeting of the Commission to consider the setting up of new Superior Councils in India (June), in Salamanca (Spain).
    • Workshop on Training (November), in Madrid (Spain), with the presence of the 12 territorial delegates for training.
    • Workshop on Special Projects (November), in Madrid (Spain), with the presence of the 12 territorial delegates for Special Projects.
  • Upgrade of the SSVP international logo and edition of the “Application Handbook”.
  • Meetings of the International Board: 4 (March, June, September and November).
  • Celebration of 15 years of the Rule and the Confederation (18th October 2018).
  • Discovery of the image of the founder Pierre-Emmanuel-Félix Clavé (9th November 2018).
  • Audience with Pope Francis on 14th February, with the submission of a report on the SSVP activities in Africa.
  • Launching of the 2nd International Contest “The First Conference”, on François Lallier.
  • Visit to the tomb of the co-founder François Lallier, in Sens (2nd November 2018).
  • Award of the Medal “Charity in Hope” to the International Rotary Club.
  • Launching of the bases for the Film Festival “The Seven Founders”.
  • Launching of a special logo, for the 180 years of the General Council’s foundation.
  • Dissemination of the Papal Briefs and of the indulgences granted to the Vincentians.
  • Publishing of the book “Quick Guide to the Vincentian Conferences”.
  • Publication of three issues of the newsletter “Ozanam Network” (April, August and December)
  • Launch, on 23th April, of the new website of the General Council on the Internet (
  • Publication, on 31st January 2018, of the President General’s Circular Letter.
  • Christmas message from the President General, issued on 21st December.
  • Setting up of a special commission for drafting the rules on Crowdfunding within the SSVP.
  • Setting up a special commission to study the future of the SSVP logo.
  • Setting up a special commission for the new headquarters.
  • Setting up a special commission to develop basic ethical rules about the recommended positions for the Vincentians in social networks.
  • Beginning of the negotiations for drafting an agreement on institutional cooperation with the Congregation of the Religious of Saint Vincent de Paul (RSV).
  • Completion of the work of the Canonical Commission, with the approval of the final report sent to the Superior Councils for them to analyse, study and assess.
  • Settlement of the situation in Argentina, with the General Council’s official statement about the only Council that is part of the Confederation.
  • Missionary visit to Uruguay to identify the SSVP reality.
  • Preparation of a new format of the “Letter of Aggregation” (format A4) and digital sending to the countries.
  • Nomination in Salamanca (June), of 12 young people as “Youth Territorial Delegates”, who will work in close harmony with the ITVP and the International Vice President for the Young, Children and Adolescents.
  • Publication of different official notes in favour of life, against abortion, defending refugees, supporting women, for the peace in some countries, about the World Day of the Poor, etc.
  • Activities of the President General in Rome: attendance to the first meeting of the “Dicastery for the Lay, Family and Life”; visit to the Religious of Saint Vincent de Paul (RSV); meeting with the members of the Department for the Canonization of Ozanam.
  • Titles received by the President General in honour of the SSVP: 8 (Brazil), 1 (Argentina) and 1 (Spain).
  • Trips of the President General: Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, United States, Portugal, Ireland, England, Italy and Spain (total: 15 countries).
  • Creation, in Brazil, of the post of Vice-postulator for the Canonization Cause of Ozanam (Father Vinícius Teixeira).
  • Participation in activities of the UN in Geneva, Paris and New York.
  • “SSVP Plus” Project: Cyprus (154th country), as well as starting missions in Cape Verde, Greece, Morocco and Gabon.
  • General Ombudswoman: 8 cases received, 3 of them are settled and 5 are under analysis.
  • CIAD – amount sent to the countries: 940.000 € (52 projects in 31 countries).
  • More dissemination and development of the International Solidarity Fund (FIS).
  • Support to the youth events that will take place in Panama next January 2019 (Vincentian gathering and day with the Pope).
  • Approval of a new structure (organization chart) for the General Council, which will be implemented in the biennium 2019/2020.
  • Appointment of our fellow member Antonio Gianfico as substitute of the President General for the activities and events related to the Vatican.
  • “Ozanam Museum”: donated by the National Council of France to the General Council.
  • Preparation of the book “Blessed and Saints of the SSVP” (to be released in 2019, in Porto).
  • Production of the song “The Seven Founders” (to be officially launched in 2019, in Porto).
  • Launching of the Project “Club of Translators”, for selecting Vincentian volunteers that will help the CGI with the translations of training and information texts.
  • Letters sent: 62.

Statistics of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP)

  • 800, 000 active members
  • 1.5 million volunteers
  • 50,000 Vincentian Conferences
  • 154 countries
  • 30 million people annually assisted


Renato Lima de Oliveira

16th President General

(on behalf of the International Board)

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