Date of publication: 11/02/2020

SSVP Plus – Vincentian Mission in Morocco

Council General International

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has undertaken the necessary steps to establish the SSVP in Morocco. 

In late January, an SSVP delegation made up of the International Vice-President for Middle East and North Africa, the National President of SSVP Spain, Juan Manuel Buergo, and the Zone Council President of Cádiz (Spain), Francisco Holgado, went to Morocco to lay the foundations for a future SSVP in this country.

The trip was marked by the visit of Cardinal Romero, Archbishop of Rabat, who gave his blessing to undertake the Vincentian mission in Morocco, and urged the SSVP to work hand in hand with the Daughters of Charity in Temara, the Franciscan friars of Rabat, the Oasis Parish in Casablanca and the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts in Casablanca and Marrakech.

The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts were so pleased with the proposal brought forward during the meeting, which took place in their convents in Marrakech and Casablanca, that they will prompt both the priests they know and the Catholics engaged in parish life to be involved. In the meantime, the SSVP Spain will liaise with the Franciscans and the Daughters of Charity, both of whom are of Spanish origin.

It should not be overlooked the fact that there is a very small number of Catholics in the country. Most of them travel through, so any project to be undertaken should be closely monitored, so there is still an exciting way ahead.

“Despite the SSVP’s autonomy to operate and be established, our mission in Morocco, with the support of the Church and the different religious congregations, is a godsend which will surely help us attain our primary goal: setting up the SSVP in Morocco.”, concluded the President General, Renato Lima de Oliveira.

The fellow member Eduardo Marques, the SSVP Plus Project Manager, thanks the SSVP Spain and the Vice-Presidency for Middle East and North Africa for their hard work and collaboration with the Council General in this noble mission.

Throughout 2020, the SSVP Plus Project will conduct institutional actions in 12 other countries with a potential for a SSVP founding process, namely Greece, Cape Verde and the Scandinavian countries.