Date of publication: 09/06/2020

SSVP Conference in Mollas Meets Virtually with President General

Council General International

On May 30, the ‘St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta’ Conference, in the city of Mollas (Albania) met virtually with the 16th President General International (PGI) of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP), brother Renato Lima de Oliveira; along with the president of the Italian National Council, Antonio Gianfico; the national coordinator of the Italian youth, Monica Galdo; and the spiritual advisor of the youth, Father Francesco Gonella.

Founded three years ago, the ‘St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta’ Conference, being the only one in Albania, is full of energy, enthusiasm and motivation, currently made up of 20 very active young people. Among the charitable works carried out, they make home visits to poor families and to the sick, always supported by the clergy of St. Vincent de Paul Parish (where the Conference is located), DC Sister Camilla Maenza and a couple of adult Vincentians (Licia and Giuseppe). The president is the young Irena Gorrica, present at the SSVP’s 2nd International Youth Meeting, held in Salamanca in 2018.

During the virtual meeting, our brother Renato spoke in Italian focusing on the figure of Blessed Antoine-Frederic Ozanam for his virtues and examples. “I recommend to you all: never stop delving into the inception, the principles, the history of the Society. This study allows us to strengthen even more our mission and, above all, to know where we come from and where we want to go. And never give up on your dreams! Never give up on charity! Never renounce the human being. Never give up on building a better, more just, more fraternal, and less unequal world”, urged President Renato.

Shortly afterwards, the participants asked President Renato Lima and President Antonio Gianfico about the projects, actions and initiatives in Italy and throughout the world. The most popular topics were the importance of formation and information, spirituality, the service to the poor, faith, youth recruitment, challenges of modern youth, the growth of the SSVP in Albania and much more. 

At the end of the meeting, before the prayers, the President General promised to visit Mollas, until the end of his term of office, to get to know closely the beloved work of charity that young Vincentians carry out there. We are immensely grateful to the Italian members for their brilliant initiative in collaborating with the CGI in the foundation of this Conference in Albania, and accompanying the journey of its members with great generosity and affection.

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