Date of publication: 02/08/2018

Soon available: historical resources on Lallier and the other founders

Council General International

The International General Council has decided to make basic material on the origins of the SSVP and a brief overview of its seven founders available on the international website.  

The aim, in addition to making our roots known, is to serve as a basis for the two open competitions: “The First Conference” which in 2018 will deal with the life, work and legacy of the co-founder François Lallier (deadline for submission until August 30th) and for the short film initiative of the 7 Founders (registration of works will close on April 30, 2019). The material for the moment will be provided in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Spanish and French.

This initiative has arisen as a response to the growing concern of the members, especially the younger members, following the International Youth Meeting held in Salamanca (Spain).

The material will be published shortly, so please stay tuned!