Date of publication: 02/12/2021

Second Webinar: Pandemic, Poverty and Future

Council General International

The webinar revolved around the individual and collective attitude of Vincentians towards COVID-19  pandemic

With a more concrete and personal approach than its first edition, this webinar, broadcast on Ozanam TV’s social networks, was held on November 28th, and was focused on describing the life and actions undertaken by Vincentians and conferences in a world hit by the pandemic, the day-to-day service and the responsibility we should take on as SSVP members and servants of the poorest. 

All the speakers addressed major topics such as self-improvement and the pursuit of holiness. The speakers were as follows: Lucha González (Mexico), Renata Mancini (Brazil), Antonine Webhi (Lebanon), Veronica Nnenna (Nigeria) and Patrick Wallis (Australia).

“This situation calls for the best of us as Vincentians. We need to come out of this plight being more generous and better; we need to be ready for new forms of poverty and for the new emerging world; and we need to be aware that social divides are becoming more and more obvious. We must not fall into individualism, and we must show that our model of service, in community and fraternity, is really worthwhile”, stressed member María Luisa Téllez, webinar moderator and International Vice President for Formation and Training.

“Formation and training are everything. The more interesting content is taught, the better qualified our members will be to face this moment and the better service will be provided to those in need. Now, more than ever, poverty has increased and SSVP members need to be kept up to date to get back to normal”, stated our President General, Renato Lima.

We invite you to enjoy this webinar on Ozanam TV’s Facebook, and on the official website of the Council General International

Next webinar on the pandemic and the impact thereof on the work of the SSVP will be held, God willing, on May 15th, 2022.