Date of publication: 09/06/2021

Rewatch the Webinar Pandemic, Poverty and Future

Council General International

A learning session fostered by the International SSVP, focused on the global challenges faced by the institution in the aftermath of the pandemic.

On May 23rd, the SSVP’s International Vice President for Formation and Training, María Luisa Téllez, organised the webinar Pandemic, Poverty and Future

During the session, the SSVP tackled the issue of the role of our institution in a world hit by the pandemic, which has changed the rules of the game and social interactions, thereby giving rise to a serious financial crisis. Yet, the vulnerable people have been hardest hit by the economic fallout: job loss and unemployment, lack of resources and healthcare access.

The speakers’ presentations addressed topics such as the resilience of the SSVP in the face of new challenges; the SSVP’s Rule as a framework document in tough times; the need to take care of and work on the structure of our entity, reinforcing the role of Councils to support the work of the Conferences; the types of Vincentian ministry amidst the pandemic; as well as the good results obtained in many SSVP’s special projects which, notwithstanding the difficulties, have stepped up support to coronavirus-stricken communities.

Click here to watch the webinar on Facebook. Presentations are available on Vincentian Formation | SSVP Global