Date of publication: 02/01/2019

Recent institutional trips of the President General

Council General International

December / 2018 – Portugal

The 16th President General, our fellow member Renato Lima de Oliveira, continuing the institutional action of visiting countries, took part in various Vincentian events and activities in Portugal, between the 8th and 15th December, with the National President, our sister Alda Couceiro, and several Portuguese Vincentian leaders.

One of the most significant ceremonies was the award of the Prize ‘Human Rights 2018’, which took place in Lisbon, granted by the Portuguese Parliament to the SSVP, in recognition of the excellent work of charity carried out in a prison, for the inmates of Porto and its surroundings.

In Fatima, the President General visited the local bishop and gave a talk to the Conferences of the region. In Coimbra, the President-General gave a lecture to the fellow members of the local Central Council. In Porto, the President took part in a Christmas dinner with the people assisted by a Conference.

The President attended also the meeting of Portugal’s Superior Council and the meeting of Lisbon’s Central Council. Furthermore, our brother Renato Lima made a home visit (in the region of Estoril) and attended the Assembly in honour of the Immaculate Conception, our Patron Saint, in Lisbon.

January / 2019 – United States and Panama

Between the 8th and 10th January, our brother Renato Lima will be visiting the city of Phoenix, in the United States, to get acquainted with the social projects developed there.

Later, on the 11th and 13th, the President General will be in St. Louis, where he will attend the meeting of the National Council of the United States, and will be acquainted with the great work carried out by the local Conferences.

Then, between the 14th and 17th, our President will be in Philadelphia attending the annual meeting of the International Executive Committee of the Vincentian Family, with our fellow member Ricardo Tavares (chairman). This Committee is chaired by father Tomaz Mavric.

Between the 18th and 20th January, the President General will take part in the International Gathering of the Vincentian Youth, in Panama City; 85 members of the SSVP will attend this event.

“All these institutional visits make the Council General get closer and closer to the grassroots. I am very happy to visit the countries and talk with the fellow members, bringing the message of unity, friendship and charity from the whole International Board to our Vincentian brothers”, stated the President General.