Date of publication: 12/06/2020

Quarterly Report on Beneficiary Countries of Covid-19 Funds

Council General International

Thanks to National Councils’ generous response to President General’s fundraising appeal in support of the Fund for International Solidarity (FIS). To date, 324,713 euros have been collected.

Appeal Goal: A more forward-looking aid

Support is still needed. We do hope that, thanks to your invaluable help, more donations will be sent, thus reaching the target of 500,000 euros, thereby enabling to respond, insofar as possible, to the great majority of urgent requests for assistance during this pandemic. 

Aid is on its way

Over 70,000 euros in emergency funds (between €1,000 and €10,000) have been sent to 24 countries and territories: 11 countries in Africa, 5 countries in the Americas and the Caribbean, 6 countries and territories in the Middle East and 1 country in Oceania. Other grants are being processed and will be sent out at the earliest date, while more applications are collected.

The first step: Sanitary medical equipment and food 

In this first stage, Vincentians are providing basic personal protection kits (masks, globes and hand sanitizers). However, due to Covid-19 lockdown and attendant restrictions, hunger hotspots have been hit hard, and poverty is on the increase. Hence, food assistance is also a core concern among the actions undertaken by our Vincentians. 

Covid-19 comes on top of other disasters 

Alas, the Covid-19 crisis is, in many places, only an aggravating factor in dire situations. Disasters are not stopped because of the virus. As a matter of fact, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is struggling with the devastating effects of super-cyclone Amphan in Bangladesh and India. Tropical cyclone Harold caused widespread destruction on several islands. The cyclone season has just begun in the Asian/Pacific area. 

Another example is the situation in the Middle East, still bitterly suffering the aftermath of the war. Lebanon is still experiencing the worst economic crisis in the country’s history. In Southern Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic, civil wars and terrorist attacks have made the work of the Society more vital than ever. In Latin America, Vincentians in Venezuela and Chile are striving to help amidst a dramatic social and economic crisis. 

Generosity builds up an effective network of charity

The SSVP’s 16th President 16º President General, fellow member Renato Lima de Oliveira, expresses his gratitude to all those who have made donations to Covid-19 Emergency Fund since the beginning of the pandemic, and stresses that “all donations are equally valuable, regardless of the amount, since everybody contributes as much as they can. The important thing is that this charitable gesture shows who we really are: a great network of charity and love among people. My deepest gratitude to all Territorial Vice-Presidents, who have rushed to get resources and requests.”. 

“Together, we can defeat it”

This appeal motto is the takeaway message resulting from Covid-19, a tragic pandemic in over 188 countries. Your help is vital to defeat it. Be part of this great crusade against coronavirus!