Date of publication: 04/07/2017

President General visits new countries: Canada and Panama

Council General International

Between June 21 and 23, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General, was in Quebec attending the Annual General Assembly of the National Council of Canada. On that occasion, the president gave the talk “Vision of the future of the General Council” and answered many questions from those present.

We thank to brother Jean-Noel Cormier (National president) and the members of the National Council for the warm welcome to the President General. On this visit, president Renato was accompanied by the International Territorial Vice-president for America 1, brother Edmund Keane.

On June 24 and 25, the President General was visiting Panama City, where he presented the lecture “Nine months: beginning a new mandate” for the presidents of the 12 Panamanian Conferences. At this opportunity, there was also a working meeting with the local Vincentian Family that is organizing the International Meeting of Vincentian Youth, which takes place in January 2019 before World Youth Days (WYD-2019) with Pope Francis.

panama welcomes renato 2017

The Council General International thanks to sister Mixila Martínez, national president in Panama, for the kindly reception given to President Renato. On this trip, the President General was advised by sister María del Carmen Guzmán Soto, International Territorial Vice-president for America 2, and by sister María Damaris Lopez Calderón, Zone Coordenator.