Date of publication: 05/11/2019

President General goes to Asia in November to visit Hong Kong, Indonesia and The Philippines

Council General International

Continuing his official travels to the places where the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is present around the world, our brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General, will be visiting the following countries from 12 to 16 November 2019: Hong Kong, Indonesia and The Philippines.

In these places, the President General will have meetings with the Vincentians, visit special works maintained by the SSVP, attend events and maintain contacts with the Vincentian Family and clergy, among other activities. Brother Renato’s agenda is being prepared by the three National Councils, in collaboration with the brothers Maurice Yeung and Thomas Tan.

“It is very important that the President General goes to the grassroots, as he can take the message of peace, unity, charity and hope that the Council General brings to all nations. Even though it is a quick trip, the countries that welcome for him are very glad, as it is an honor to receive the President General. As the Rule teaches us, the President General personifies the SSVP, and represents the bond of unity between Conferences, Councils, special works and members. We should always pray for him and for all members of the international Board”, emphasized Brother Thomas Tan, International Territorial Vice-president for Asia 2.

We ask for prayers for the success of yet another mission trip by our president Renato Lima. Since his inauguration ceremony in September 2016, brother Renato has had the privilege and joy of visiting about 40 nations on five continents. In Asia, there have already been visit to India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. In January 2020, Lebanon will be visited by brother Renato.

VenueFoundationNumber of ConferencesNumber of Members
Hong Kong186335600
The Philippines18605517,544