Date of publication: 11/07/2019

President General fulfills an extensive agenda in New York

Council General International

Between July 15 and 20, 2019, our President General, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, will be in New York (USA) fulfilling a quite intensive Vincentian work agenda.

In these activities and visits, President Renato will deliver the “Activities Report” for the first three years of the mandate (2016/2019), officially launched during the international plenary session of the Council General, held in Porto (Portugal) last June.

The agenda in New York includes meetings with ambassadors, high officials of the United Nations, ecclesiastical authorities, Vincentian Coalition and participation in various SSVP events, as well as the delivery of food to the homeless in Harlem.

“I am very happy with this agenda that we will have in New York, both for the importance of the interlocutors who will be visited and for the institutional contacts that will be maintained. As the Rule teaches us, the SSVP should always be open to interact cordially with other entities and organizations, because together we can build a better and more fraternal world”, stressed Renato Lima.

During the week, the President General will be accompanied by fellow members Mike Nizankiewicz (ITVP America 1), Edmund Keane (chairman of the United Nations team), Pattie Hughes (United Nations team), Ralph Middlecamp (president of the United States National Council) and Dave Barringer (USA National Council CEO).

Surely these visits will be very positive for our Society. We pray for the success of these meetings and events.