Date of publication: 10/06/2021

One More Vincentian Heading for Beatification

Council General International

Those in need called her “the mother of the poor”.

We all know that the Vincentian Family is an immense source of holiness. Today, we are pleased to inform you that Clemência de Oliveira, a Brazilian Daughter of Charity, has become a “servant of God” by the Holy See, thus heading for beatification.

Born Francisca Benícia de Oliveira, Sr Clemência (1896-1966) enjoyed a reputation for holiness, always serving the poor, the sick, the elderly and the children in need. At 23, she decided to join the Company of the Daughters of Charity in the city of Fortaleza (Ceará, Brazil), with 47 years of life consecrated to God until she was called by God to heaven.

The people fondly called her “the mother of the poor”. Her holiness was widely known in Brazil. Sister Clêmencia’s process of canonization began in 1995 with the documents being submitted to Rome. At the moment, the “Positio super virtutibus” document is being prepared which, once approved, will raise Sr Clemência de Oliveira to the title of Venerable. 

The Council General International joins the Company of the Daughters of Charity in this spiritual campaign for the beatification of Sister Clemência, and invites all its members to pray for this worthy cause for the Church but especially for the poor. “Clemência de Oliveira’s life is a path of holiness and charity. We can all learn from her virtues to become better Vincentians,” said Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General.

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