Date of publication: 26/02/2021

News From America 1

World News

America 1 is pleased to announce two new members to its team: Mary Charles of Grenada is the new Training Coordinator, succeeding Jean-Noel Cormier, past president of the Council of Canada.  Sister Mary is currently engaged in a questionnaire sent to all America Councils to determine training needs.

Frank Voehl, a Vincentian from Miami is the new Zone Coordinator for a new Zone (2).  Frank will assist sr. Mary-Rose Knight of Antigua and will assist with the Councils of Canada, the U.S., Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana. 

They both bring many years of Vincentian service and experience to their roles.

In addition to sr. Mary and br. Frank, the America 1 team includes Mary-Rose Knight (Zone 1), Rudolph Boneo of Trinidad and Tobago (Twinning and Special Projects), Kat Brisette of the U.S. (Youth Coordinator), and Michael Nizankiewicz, (ITVP).