Date of publication: 16/06/2021

New Rules Regarding the Submission of Aggregation and Institution Requests

Council General International

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
To improve the service of aggregations and institutions, we have established new rules regarding the submission of aggregation and institution requests.
• The approval of aggregations/institutions by the members of the Permanent Section will continue to be done, as in the past, twice a year (usually on June 15 at the CGI annual meeting and on December 15). However, the deadline for sending the forms to the CGI will be set two months BEFORE the meeting of the Permanent Section. This means that:
• For the Permanent Section of June 15: everything must be sent before April 15.
• For the Permanent Section of December 15: everything must be sent before October 15.
ATTENTION: Concerning the year 2021, the usual dates have been modified because of the pandemic. These two meetings will therefore take place this year:
• On June 1, 2021 (concerning this session, it is too late to send your applications: the closing was done in April)
• On September 15, 2021 (deadline for sending applications: July 15)
Another change concerns the way of sending. Ideally, all applications should be sent to us by mail. However, we understand that for some countries this may be an additional difficulty. We have therefore established the following rule:
• Countries sending no more than 20 aggregation requests may do so by email (only for countries that really cannot afford to send by mail). Please do not send two emails with 20 requests each.
• Beyond 20 aggregation requests we ask that you send forms by mail only. Address: Conseil Général International Confédération Internationale de la Société de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Service des Agrégations et des Institutions 65 Rue de la Glacière – 75013 – Paris – France
The current e-mail address for mailings or questions regarding the Aggregations is:
Aggregations – Paula Gomes – email:
You will find attached an updated document that will remind you of the procedure concerning the Aggregations. Please make these changes known to the Conferences.

Fraternally yours,
The General Secretary