Date of publication: 15/01/2021

Namibia’s SSVP President Passes Away

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In memoriam: our beloved brother, fellow member Willem Edwin Plaath (5th June, 1955 – 10th January, 2021)

The SSVP’s Territorial Vice Presidency for Africa 2 has informed us about the sad piece of news of our member’s passing away. The deceased leaves behind Antonette Plaath, his wife, four children and one sister. 

Brother Willie, as he was fondly called, was a devout Catholic and a true servant of God who devoted his time and resources for the sake of the poor. He got along with everyone and always ministered with passion, zeal and joy.

He never let his friends in need go hungry or be without a roof over their heads. He always provided a decent burial for all those who had no resources.

He was appointed Namibia’s National President of the SSVP’s National Council in 2015 and played an important role in the growth of the Society in his country. 

The SSVP’s President General, fellow member Renato Lima de Oliveira, deeply upset by the sad piece of news, announced: 

“On behalf of the Council General, we convey our heartfelt condolences to the family of our beloved fellow member Willem Edwin Plaath. To this end, three days of mourning have been declared by the CGI. We kindly request the Conferences to pray one Hail Mary for Willie’s soul at this week’s meetings.”.