Date of publication: 12/11/2019

More than a hundred young people participated in a values training workshop

Council General International

The National Council of Sri Lanka organised a leadership workshop for more than a hundred young people, with the aim of solidifying in them Vincentian values and strengthening the Society for the future.

The activity took place on the 6th and 7th September 2019 in the National Sanctuary of Santa Ana, Talawilla, with a total of 110 young people from different parts of Sri Lanka taking part. This event was also shared with the presence of Leo Levin, Local Youth Coordinator for Asia zone 1.

The program focused on the training of leaders, the SSVP charism, the spirituality and implementation of specific action plans for young people.

The 6th September started with the official inauguration, prayers and welcome speech. Leo Levin, as Local Youth Coordinator, gave an introduction about the objectives of this training workshop, as well as about the importance of youth in society, sharing his experiences in this respect.

After the first training session, there was an adoration to the blessed sacrament, led by the national group of priests which enhanced the proximity of God in all the participants. Then, on behalf of the International Youth Committee, the official youth flag was presented to the National President and the National Youth Coordinator.

After dinner, the young people exhibited their artistic talents, entertaining the attendees with a large variety of shows, ending the day with the assurance that the young people have lots of valuable thoughts inside them.

The second and last day of this training workshop started with a eucharistic celebration, followed by a group photo. The training sessions revolved around Vincentian charism, group dynamics and plans of action. The debates were fruitful and offered a good idea of what it means to be Vincentian.

On this occasion, the event was embraced in order to educate the National Youth Committee which will work in connection with the National Youth Coordinator. In doing this, the training workshop concluded with the aim of conveying the Vincentian mission and all that was learnt to the respective regions of the attendees.