Date of publication: 10/02/2022

MISEVI Leaders’ Visit to the CGI’s Headquarters in Paris

Council General International Vincentian Family

On February 1st, the Council General International (CGI) was pleased to host two of the greatest leaders of MISEVI (Lay Vincentian Missionaries): President Ribel Elias (Lebanon) and Treasurer Monica Villar (Spain). 

Ribel and Monica stayed in Paris to take part in MISEVI’s annual board meeting and took the chance to visit the general headquarters of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, being welcomed by the CGI’s special advisor, Gonzague de Raulin. 

At the headquarters, they were shown all the premises, such as Ozanam Historical Space, the chapel, the photo gallery of the Presidents General, and the library. Furthermore, they were told about the SSVP’s values and principles, the history of the seven founders, and the achievements of the current term of office. “The magnificent guided tour gave us an insight into the life and family of Antoine-Frédéric Ozanam, and into his personal and family life”, emphasized Monica.

President Ribel said: “I really enjoyed this visit. We intend to get closer and strengthen the bonds of collaboration between the SSVP and MISEVI, united in prayer in the name of Saint Vincent and Ozanam, embracing the world in a network of charity. Together, we are more efficient when it comes to undertaking more actions focused on the most vulnerable”. 

President General International, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, sent a special message to MISEVI’s leaders: “Remain steadfast in your missionary mission, bringing the Vincentian charism to the poor, encouraging, in particular, lay vocations, which are so important for the Church”. And he stressed: “Let us pray especially for the success of MISEVI’s actions and for many lay vocations, especially among young people and married couples”.

Established in 2001, MISEVI is one of the newest branches of our dear Vincentian Family. In September 2021, it signed a collaboration agreement with the SSVP at the CGI’s Annual Meeting in Madrid. This agreement entails mutual benefits, namely, joint formation-related events, institutional collaboration to establish new Vincentian Conferences, and support to expand MISEVI into new territories.

The entity, which is, fortunately, growing fast, is currently present in 18 countries: United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Lebanon, Egypt, Ireland, Panama, Poland, and Slovakia.