Date of publication: 02/02/2022

Manual with Guidelines for SSVP PLUS Project

Council General International

This manual sets out the guidelines for Territorial Vice Presidencies with regard to SSVP expansion into new countries.

The SSVP PLUS Manual, produced by the Project’s general management, is now available on the Council General International’s website. This Manual outlines the key guidelines to be followed by the teams belonging to the CGI’s 12 Territorial Vice Presidencies when initiatives are undertaken to establish a first SSVP conference in new countries. Target countries for the Project were previously identified and ranked according to the complexity involved in their establishment.

The founding process of the SSVP in new countries is therein elaborated, which consists of three stages: The planning stage (actions carried out to identify local support groups, initial contacts with the hierarchy of the local Church and the first visit to the country); the implementation stage (information on the SSVP being disseminated by the project team, meetings with people who wish to take part in our organization and visits made to local Church’s authorities); and the consolidation stage (organizational meetings to establish the new conference, another visit to the new country made by the project team for a proper conference foundation and a formation session organized for new SSVP members).

The SSVP PLUS project is an initiative aimed at expanding the SSVP into new countries, in line with one of the CGI’s strategic goals. In this regard, Conferences have been founded in 7 new countries (Liberia, Albania, Cyprus, Cayman Islands, Vatican, Tanzania and Cape Verde). There are ongoing initiatives for the next two years, which would entail the establishment of the SSVP in 8 new countries.

The President General International, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, underscores the importance of this project for the SSVP: “This expansion project is not only about possibly helping the poor in other parts of the world, it mirrors the dream of Ozanam and that of the other SSVP founders”, he stated.

The SSVP PLUS Manual, available in 4 languages, can be downloaded at the CGI’s website (