Date of publication: 25/02/2021

Lenten Letter 2021 from Fr. Tomaz Mavric

Council General International

My Broken Christ is the intriguing title of the letter written by Fr. Tomaz Mavric, Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission and successor of Saint Vincent de Paul, to be pondered by all Vincentian Family branches during this Lenten season.

Fr. Tomaz explains therein the story of a priest who came across a broken crucifix with missing parts of the cross and the body of Christ. From there, a very interesting story unfolds that is worth reflecting on at the Vincentian Conferences worldwide.

Fr. Tomaz concludes as follows: “May this Lenten Season help us to deepen or simply start a conversation with the broken Christ, which certainly will not leave us indifferent”

“Fr. Tomaz’s letter invites us to reflect on the fact that the Vincentian life should revolve around Christ. The closer to Jesus we are, the sooner we will achieve our conversión and sanctification. The disfigured Christ on the broken crucifix is the face of those we serve: the poor, the most vulnerable and the forsaken.”, stressed fellow member Renato Lima, 16º SSVP’s President General.

Link to the Lenten Letter 2021 from Fr. Tomaz Mavric

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