Date of publication: 16/08/2021

Latest Issue of ‘Ozanam Network’ Digital Magazine

Council General International Publications

The Issue nº 02/2021 of ‘Ozanam Network’ digital magazine, translated and edited by Council General International’s Communications Department, is now available. 

In this edition, one of the highlighted sections is the upcoming anual meeting of the Council General International in Madrid

This issue is also packed with other news and relevant information, including:

  • 182th Anniversary of the CGI
  • The Vincentian Family Launches Master’s Degree in Vincentian Studies
  • Malawi. Building houses for families in need
  • Gambia. Education, a Door to Hope
  • Youth celebrates Joy through Social Friendship
  • Second edition of the International SSVP Women’s Day

Click here to read the latest issue (02/2021) of ‘Ozanam Network’ digital magazine.