Date of publication: 21/12/2020

Last International Board’s Annual Meeting

Council General International

On December 6th, Board members, under the supervision of the President General International (PGI), met remotely over Zoom to discuss a multitude of projects and activities led by the Council General International (CGI). 

Some topics of discussion included the fit-out of Paris’ new headquarters and the progress made in the new “Ozanam Space”, dedicated to the main SSVP founder,  to his wife, Amélie Soulacroix, as well as to the group of young founding members. 

A brief report regarding the Twinning and the Commission for International Aid and Development (CIAD) was made, as well as a preview for next year’s upcoming meetings: All-Africa Assembly (gathering all African countries where SSVP is present), and PANASCO 9 (Conference of members from the SSVP in Asia and Oceania). 

A report on the progress made in International Communication and Formation was presented, as well as updates on the new website and social media platforms and proposals for new courses and formation materials, including a brief report produced by the Commission for Historical Research, which announced, among other things, its intention to edit a new book on Amélie Soulacroix.

On the financial front, the budget for 2021 was presented, as well as reports on the current financial situation. 

The PGI summarised his many activities undertaken and the institutional relations fostered with charitable organisations, such as Famvin and the Vatican, and shared relevant information regarding Ozanam’s canonisation process. The Child Safeguarding Protocol was also presented, which has been implemented by the CGI in order to protect the most vulnerable. 

Despite the pandemic, very positive news regarding the SSVP’s growth and expansion —gathered from reports concerning new Conferences and the addition of a new member country of International Confederation— were also shared. It was also highlighted the great work carried out by the Youth which, even with the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, has managed to remain active and connected through different projects and proposals; namely the new international contest for the French, English and Italian versions of the Hymn of the Seven Founders, or the greater presence of the SSVP in the university environment. Additionally, webinars on the impact of the pandemic on the poor, the SSVP and the Vincentian Family will be offered. 

To finalize, there was some time for spiritual reflection, conducted by Father Motto, on human, Christian and Vincentian hope, bringing us to conclude that our only purpose should be to serve the Lord by serving the most vulnerable. Furthermore, information was provided on the collaboration agreement signed with the International Center for Formation (CIF), which will stimulate the spiritual growth of fellow members. 

The next CGI’s Board meeting will be, God willing, on February 20th, 2021.