Date of publication: 02/08/2021

ITVP for America 3: Meeting on the Work of Vincentian Youth

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The meeting revolved around the setting-up of National Youth Committees.

Amidst this pandemic, the CGI’s International Territorial Vice-presidency for South America (ITVP for America 3) has made the most of digital communications to hold online formation-related meetings with the National Councils of this region, focused on the CGI’s strategic goals. Some of them have already been organized, such as that of “The CIAD and Special Projects” and that of “International Formation Modules”.

On June 19th, the “Formation of National Youth Committees” meeting was held, attended by National Presidents and Youth Coordinators from the National Councils. In his opening speech, the ITVP for America 3, Júlio César Marques de Lima, urged the National Presidents to include organisation and support to young Vincentians in the list of priorities, giving them latitude and responsibility.

The Territorial Youth Coordinator, fellow member Arturo Antezana, encouraged youth coordinators at the meeting to take on the role of the Vincentian youth, assuming responsibilities and striving to recruit other young people for SSVP Conferences.

The main presentation of the event was made by the CGI’s International Vice-President for Youth, Children & Teenagers, Willian Alves, on “How to set up a SSVP National Youth Committee”. Therein, fellow member William emphasised the role of facilitator at the National Youth Committee, made up of 3 to 5 young people, in charge of nationally organizing and monitoring the issues related to the Vincentian youth. He also highlighted that the coordinator of the National Youth Committee is a member of the National Council’s board and must take part in all National Council meetings.

According to fellow member Arturo Antezana, Territorial Youth Coordinator at the ITVP for America 3, the existence of a National Youth Committee is key to the renewal of SSVP conferences: “…setting up a National Youth Committee is very important to encourage and support young people, being the link between National Councils and the vincentian young members of each country.