Date of publication: 15/11/2016

International Territorial Vice-presidency “America 3” holds its annual meeting in São Paulo, Brazil

Council General International

At the end of each year, the International Territorial Vice-presidency “America 3” of International General Council (CGI), responsible for monitoring the work of the SSVP in South America, promotes a technical workshop to evaluate ongoing actions and plan future activities.

This year, the leaders of the Territorial Vice-presidency will be meeting on 03 and 04 December, on Vincentian Assistance Center in São Paulo (Brazil). It will attend this event the following Vincentians:

  • Júlio César Marques de Lima (Territorial Vice-President) – Brazil
  • Girolamo Vergnani Noda (Zone 1 Coordinator) – Venezuela
  • Sebastião Ribeiro da Silva (Zone 2 Coordinator) – Brazil
  • Francisco Velasco (Zone 3 Coordinator) – Chile
  • Renata Mancini (Special Projects Coordinator) – Brazil
  • Margarita Henao (Formation and Training Coordinator) – Colômbia
  • Sebastián Steinmeyer (Youth, Children and Adolescents Coordinator) – Chile

The agenda meeting includes the following items:

a) assessment of activities undertaken in 2016;

b) schedule for 2017;

c) actions in terms of training, youth and special projects for 2017;

d) planning of the 6th. SSVP Ibero-American Meeting to be held in Quito/Ecuador in November 2017

e) evaluation of the work of 12 National Councils.

Brother Renato Lima, 16th General President will also attend the meeting. Renato will present to the Vice Presidency team the CGI work planning for the 2016/2022 term

From the viewpoint of brother Julio César M. de Lima (CGI Vice-President for the region), this meeting is crucial for the General Council to plan the actions on the continent and identify the main needs of the National Councils. “At this meeting, we will define all activities to be made throughout the year 2017 and also to identify the gaps and needs of the SSVP in each country. Therefore, our objective is to offer the necessary support to the National Councils, helping them to develop their coordination work at the national level “, commented the Territorial Vice-President.

We ask prayers for the success of this meeting.

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