Date of publication: 04/04/2019

Handbook for Conferences

Council General International

The Vice-presidency for Training of the International General Council (CGI) presents this Brief Guide of Conferences so that all Vincentians can better grasp and help the SSVP.

This Guide has been drawn up taking into account not only the Rule, but also different texts regarding the Society, its founders and general presidents, as well as the Vincentian tradition, history and soul compiled by all member countries belonging to the Confederation.

Our fellow member, Marisa Téllez, the Vice-President for Training, has commented on the document: “This guide aims to inform the Conferences all over the world on Vincentians’ day-to-day life, their role as baptized Christians, the importance of visits and daily prayer, in addition to the good practices which should be priority at the heart of our Conferences”.

The Guide consists of a collective work fostered by this International Vice-presidency in which the members from the CGI Board took part, and it has been enhanced with suggestions and contributions by members from different countries. “This Guide is a first approach. It is an open document which, in the near future, can be improved according to the spirit of the Rule and the Statutes governing the Confederation”, pointed our fellow member Marisa Téllez.

For the 16th General President, the fellow member Renato Lima, training is a top priority for the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. “Training is so important for the CGI that it is ranked first among the top 10 priorities listed in the strategic plan – ‘Lifelong Training and for all members’” -. It is thanks to the good Vincentian training that fellow members will be able to accomplish their mission: the personal sanctification as well as making life better for others, through the practice of charity. Without adequate training, none of these dimensions could be achieved.”, concluded the General President.

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