Date of publication: 11/09/2021

Fostering Collaboration with MISEVI and Recognition of the Work Undertaken by Aid to the Church in Need

Council General International

On September 11th, the pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) was awarded the ‘Charity in Hope’ Medal, distinction bestowed by the CGI. The purpose of this award is to forge closer ties with people and entities with whom the SSVP share common goals and projects, in recognition of their charitable actions and service.

In this 2021 edition, ACN was recognised for its outstanding humanitarian work, supporting the Catholic Church in its mission, primarily in the most needy, oppressed and persecuted communities around the world, with over 5,000 pastoral and humanitarian projects in more than 140 countries. Mr. Antonio Sainz de Vicuña y Barroso, President of ACN Spain, received the medal on behalf of the institution.

In previous editions, this award was given, in recognition of the great work, to Rotary International (2018), to the World Organisation of Scout Movement (2019) and to the Jesuit Refugee Service (2020).

On September 12th, the SSVP signed a cooperation agreement with MISEVI (Vincentian Lay Missionaries), represented by its International President, Ribel Elias. This agreement seeks to “accomplish the mission of the Vincentian Family: responding to the needs of poor people”.

Present in 13 countries, MISEVI’s work is focused on human and spiritual promotion of people, the fight against poverty and its active commitment to it. It carries out projects to support families and children related to formation and promotion, health and social relationships, and coordinates networks to fulfill its missionary work. 

Since 2016, the Council General International (CGI) has signed two other collaboration agreements with entities belonging to the Vincentian Family: The Religious of Saint Vincent de Paul (RSV) and the International Vincentian Formation Center (CIF). The goal of these two agreements is to comply with Item 5 of the CGI’s Strategic Plan: a permanent, close collaboration with the Vincentian Family.

The President General International stated that “the agreement signed with MISEVI is beneficial to both parties. The SSVP can learn a lot from their missionary work, thus strengthening bonds with those territories with a weak presence or where the Society is not present.” As for the medal, he highlighted ACN’s humanitarian and pastoral work around the world and stressed that “no public award is enough to recognize the great work they do for the most vulnerable, an exemplary role model for the SSVP and the whole Vincentian Family”.

Read the speech (in Spanish) of our President General (Charity in Hope Medal) 

Charity in Hope Medal Regulations