Prayer, hope and action: our response #covid19

Due to the global health crisis, this section has been devised to share with Vincentians all the actions and initiatives undertaken by volunteers and members of the Society all over the world to fight the coronavirus, because… together we can defeat it!

If you wish to share your story or your experience with us, feel free to send us an email (

Council General International’s Statement with regard to Coronavirus

Council General Draws Attention to ethical recommendations on Social Media during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The President General issues an Extraordinary Circular Letter kindly dedicated to the presidents of the Vincentian Conferences, about the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid19. Chile. Reinventing themselves to keep on serving

Covid19. Ireland. You are not alone

COVID19. Brazil. Young People Sharing Charity and Hope

Covid19. United States. St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill team up to open food pantries

Covid19. Ireland. Internet companies should halt disconnections during Covid crisis

Covid-19 Ireland. Social Protection Measures for Those Already Living in Poverty

Covid-19 United States. Satellite Shelters for the Homeless

Quarantaide, the SSVP Volunteers’ Solidarity Journal

Covid-19 Australia. The SSVP Battles the Coronavirus and Deals with the Aftermath of the Bushfires and Drought

Covid19-Lebanon. Looking after Families and the Elderly

Covid 19. Brazil. Network of Charity. Take Care of the One who Took Care of Us!

Covid19. South Sudan. SSVP South Sudan’s Update

Covid19. Italia. La red de caridad en Muggiò

Covid 19. Spain.The Virgin of Light Conferences Continues to Assist over 400 families

Covid19. Canada. Service d’appel téléphonique ‘Neighbour to Neighbour’ (De voisin à voisin)

Covid19. France. Solidarité : Malgré l’épidémie

Covid19. CGI. Virtual Communication Fostered by the Council General during Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid19. Canada. Older Volunteers Continue, Despite Lockdown

Covid19. England&Wales. Recruiting Volunteers for ‘Knock and Drop’ Service

Covid19. Western Bay. New Zealand