Annual Meeting – Goa, India: International Board, Executive Committee and Permanent Section.

From June 6-8, 2024, the Council General International will hold its annual plenary meeting in Goa, India, where the Basilica of the Good Jesus, which houses the tomb of St. Francis Xavier, is located.
The event is composed of several work meetings: Territorial Vice-Presidencies, Board of Directors, Permanent Section and Executive Committee, therefore it is requested of the Superior or Assimilated Councils if they wish to include some point in the agenda of the meeting. The “Charity in Hope” Medal will also be awarded.
Organized by the Council National of India as host, the program includes a solemn Eucharist, a pilgrimage to Catholic sites and visits to Vincentian works.

We, the Council General , ask for your prayers for the success of this international meeting.
Paris, April 1, 2024.