Since its foundation in Paris in 1833 by a small group of students led by Frederic Ozanam, the Society has expanded quickly across Europe and beyond the continent. From a handful of students, it increased to one hundred members in a few months, and the first conferences were created in other main cities in France. In the years followings , the Society developed rapidly in Europe and worldwide. In 1853, year of the death of Frederic Ozanam, the SVP was present in 29 countries.

According to the latest metrics (2017)  the Society has 153 Vincentians branches and the number of its members is estimated at 800,000.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul continues its expansion: In 2017, 536 new Conferences were officially aggregated by the General Council of the International Confederation.

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Contact: NIZANKIEWICZ Michael Joseph


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Contact: GUZMAN SOTO Maria del Carmen


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Contact: MARQUES de LIMA Julio Cesar


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