The Philippines – rebuilding lives after Typhoon Haiyan

The SSVP in the Philippines mobilized extensively after Super Typhoon Haiyan swept across the country in November 2013, causing great destruction. Knowing the result of an appeal to Vincentian generosity launched by the International General Council, an ambitious, comprehensive programme was drawn up by the National Council.

Education: €142,000/year

Since 2014, the programme has enabled the SSVP to take care of students and families afflicted by the catastrophe or who lost their family in it. Beneficiaries are accompanied by the SSVP from year to year. Some 400 school pupils, 200 vocational-training students and 100 university students have had all their expenses – tuition fees, school equipment, accommodation and food – paid since the catastrophe.

Rebuilding & Repairs

The Society has taken part in several programmes to rebuild and repair houses. Working alongside the Daughters of Charity and other NGOs, and collaborating very closely with the local authorities, 50 houses have been repaired and another 120 completely rebuilt in 4 villages. An additional 100 houses will be built in 2018/2019. In all cases, this forms part of comprehensive care for rehabilitated villages: drinking water and electricity networks, building multipurpose rooms, distributing meals to school children, etc.

Healthcare & Food

The SSVP has run 4 medical missions for around 100 people each time. These missions offer vaccinations, consultations with GPs, ophthalmologists and dentists, medicine, glasses, etc.

At the same time, food programmes for school children are run in 4 afflicated regions: 3 free meals a week are provided for 1,000 children.

Financial Autonomy (self-help/livelihood)

For 2018, the National Council wants to organize a large cooperative. This will provide over 500 beneficiaries (initially) with microcredit, professional training and business coaching to start small, self-employed businesses and hence support their families.

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Project's details

Council/country Philippines

Territorry/zone Asia 2- zone 1

Lead organization National Council of the Philippines

Field of action: Rebuilding

Budget: 1300000 dollars

Beneficiaries Typhoon victims

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