Gambia: A rice Decorticating machine for Darsilami

Gambia is a small country located in West Africa, with population of about 2 million inhabitants.

In 2010, the Gambian’s  National Council of SVP submitted the project of acquisition of a rice decorticating machine and construction of a premise for the village of Darsilami. This area, located a few kilometer far from the capital Banjul, lives mainly in production of cereals, particularly rice.

The objective of this project was to help about 5,000 people from the village of Darsilami in improving conditions in the daily grinding rice and cereals, improving the cost and time of grinding, increasing production and people’s incomes, which would promote the development of the local economy.
Two Vincentians were trained to ensure the daily management of local and equipment.
The CIAD (International Commission for AID and Development)  has agreed to fund the project up to 7086 Euros.
Several years after its launch, the project is a success. It is self-sufficient and incomes can both ensure the operation and maintenance of the machine, and pay the salaries of the two employees.
An extension of the project scope is planned to other surrounding villages which could also enjoy these benefits. This means to acquire a more efficient rice crusher to meet the needs of a large number of villagers.

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Project's details

Council/country Gambia

Territorry/zone Africa 1 - Zone 1

Lead organization National Council of Gambia

Field of action: Development

Budget: 9343 euros

Beneficiaries Inhabitants of Darsilami

CIAD funding: Oui

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