Date of publication: 18/08/2021

Cultural Competition for The 7 Founders Song

Council General International Youth

The more we know about the life, legacy and virtues of the seven founders of the Society of  Saint Vincent de Paul, the more we can tune into the early spirit which moved these young people  to create a work of such providential value for humanity, inspired by the Holy Spirit, with the  double purpose of the salvation of its own members, and charity towards those who are suffering. 

With this in mind, the present International Board has been working to make the seven  founders better known and loved every day. The Board has therefore implemented a set of  initiatives such as the THEMED YEARS, the LITERARY COMPETITION, the FILM FESTIVAL, the  THEMED STAMPS, INDIVIDUAL LOGOS and the Song competition, “The Seven Founders”. 

In 2019, the Council General International (CGI) of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul  celebrated 180 years of its existence. At the Annual Assembly, held in Oporto, Portugal, “THE  SEVEN FOUNDERS” song was officially launched, in its Portuguese version. 

The words and music were composed by the SSVP member Paulo César Felizardo da Silva, from  Brazil. The Spanish version, promoted by the National Council of Spain, was also launched then.  The Spanish lyric was written by Juan Tirado, of SSVP Spain. 

The words of this song praise the main characteristics of those “seven friends from Paris, brave  young men” who founded and brought to life the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. 

At our request, the International Youth Committee is officially launching the CULTURAL  COMPETITION FOR “THE 7 FOUNDERS” SONG, for the version in English, French and Italian. The deadline to participate in the competition is 8 December.

With this Cultural competition, the Council General hopes to arouse even more interest in the  importance of the COLLEGIATE FOUNDATION, which marked the creation of our beloved Society  of Saint Vincent de Paul, and also to praise the Vincentian charism of the seven founders of the  SSVP (Antoine-Frédéric OZANAM, Auguste LE TAILLANDIER, Jules DEVAUX, Paul LAMACHE,  François LALLIER, Félix CLAVÉ and Emmanuel BAILLY DE SURCY). 

They were the forerunners of what is today an organisation present in over 150 countries, with  some 800,000 members who help around 30 million people living in poverty and social  vulnerability. Let us hope that many Vincentians take part in this competition! 

Renato Lima de Oliveira 

16th President General