Date of publication: 03/06/2020

Covid19. Spain. Community initiatives

Council General International

In collaboration with CORREOS [Spanish postal service], SSVP has been able to deliver 1000 face masks to the families it assists in Toledo and Madrid. 

The Vincentian commitment to those most impacted during this pandemic has encouraged us to provide an “affective and effective” response at this time, just as Saint Vincent de Paul said. So, as well as continuing to assist the most vulnerable individuals and families as part of the SSVP’s social work in Madrid, we are working to provide them with the protective equipment they need.

The difficulty which people have been having in obtaining masks led the SSVP to seek donations and cooperation with institutions and/or community initiatives to source this personal protection equipment. A group of neighbours in the Santa Olalla district of Toledo, led by Teresa Rodríguez Benayas resulted in a donation of 1000 fabric masks, made by families and neighbours in this local community.  

The operation to collect and deliver the masks during the state of alert was successfully completed with logistical support from Correos, through its ‘Correos Vida’ project (providing transport for community supplies). Within 48 hours, the post and messaging service operator delivered this donation, as a priority, to our Centro Santiago Masamau in Madrid, and to the SSVP in Toledo.   

We are deeply grateful for the invaluable cooperation of both these community initiatives, to ensure protection for individuals and families who are cared for by our organisation, and to make Ozanam’s dream come true: creating Networks of charity.