Date of publication: 27/05/2020

Covid19. Nigeria. The Vincentian Challenge in Times of Covid-19 Pandemic

Council General International

The SSVP’s Youth in Nigeria has launched an awareness-raising campaign about the physical and spiritual impact caused by coronavirus. 

Each SSVP youth in Nigeria has highlighted on social media a ground rule to be followed during this pandemic, reminding us how to proceed if we have symptoms and how to fight the virus. 

Furthermore, besides these good hygiene practices and measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19, these youths also remind us of the importance of acting responsibly, of conveying reliable information about the pandemic, of keeping our spirits up, and that we are not alone and that we have support one another, while strengthening our Vincentian faith and commitment in these difficult times, and carrying out charitable actions within our reach.

In short, the SSVP’s youths in Nigeria warn us of the physical damage caused by the coronavirus, and they also show us the great religious and social challenged brought about by this pandemic. 

Highlighted sentences:

“Social distancing is not synonym of emotional distancing. Let yourself be carried away by love”

“Help stop the virus. Respect all the measures”

“Fake news inflame panic. Stop spreading disinformation and misinformation!”

“This will be over soon. Keep your spirits up”

For further info: 

Vincentian Youths Forum (SSVP NIGERIA)