Date of publication: 20/05/2020

Covid19. Chile. Reinventing themselves to keep on serving

Council General International

The St. Vincent de Paul Day Centre in Puerto Aysén closed its doors during the Covid-19 pandemic because of the quarantine measures decreed by the Ministry of Health. Nevertheless, they carry on serving the elderly to ensure aid is still there for those who need it. This centre cares for 33 vulnerable seniors providing them with meals Monday through Saturday.

When senior care centres were ordered to close, the volunteers made the decision to continue distributing lunches from door to door. They strengthened their hygiene protocols in food preparation and adopted self-care measures in addition to using personal protection equipment such as gloves and masks, among others.

This day centre plays a role that goes beyond meeting essential needs by providing a meeting place where friendships and spiritual growth are fostered.

This new situation has reinforced a sense of community amongst both volunteers and seniors.  “It gives us piece of mind to visit them and see them face to face.  By looking at them and talking to them, we know they are doing well, they are healthy. […]”.

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