Date of publication: 10/06/2020

Covid19. Chile. Home-schooling: Another Challenge during the Pandemic

Council General International

The sudden suspension of face-to-face classes for all schools in the country pushed each institution to swiftly come up with new learning strategies so that students can keep on learning from home. To that end, the educational network ‘Red Educacional San Vicente de Paul’ has devised a home-schooling scheme, aimed at ensuring learning for all students.

“One of our core challenges is that all students can progress at their own pace, being aware that the new normality will involve bringing students’ academic level on an equal plane and taking into account the hurdles to be faced in the learning path when doing the tasks and activities for the different subjects. We have limited to basic learning, in an effort to keep up with families’ resources and actual possibilities.”

The curriculum was adapted in order to prioritise subjects such as Maths, Spanish language and History; and digital communication channels were enhanced to provide tutorial sessions to students while monitoring the tasks assigned. Furthermore, school material (notebooks, books, guides and sheets) has been delivered to students in elementary education. 

A network of charity

The Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to a growing academic concern within ‘Red Educacional’, and has caused an economic crisis arising from the health emergency. Since March, the learning division of Red Educacional has been on the frontline in a solidarity campaign by donating hampers with non-perishables to families of the most needy schools. 

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