Date of publication: 11/06/2020

Covid19. Chad. Emergency Aid

Council General International

The health authorities of the Western Province of Logone (one of Chad’s 23 regions) are the main agents involved in the “Food assistance to HIV/AIDS patients at the Moundou Provincial Hospital” project. The SSVP team was seeking to include this group in their food delivery program and to do so, the team met with the Health Delegate and the Director of the Mondou Provincial Hospital to discuss proper standard food handling and delivery  procedures during the pandemic. Following the meeting, both the Health Delegate and the Director of the Mondou Provincial Hospital welcomed this project, as such assistance is vital in caring for the sick. They gave their approval and urged Vincentians to immediately carry on with the necessary steps to execute and set in motion this emergency aid at the hospital because, quoting their words, “the disease will not wait.” 

Food prices have increased during the pandemic and Ramadan. A committee of three Vincentians was created to shop around at different supermarkets in the city to purchase basic foods such as local rice, beans, sugar, powdered milk, oil, soap and detergent at cheaper prices.

On May 11, food parcels were delivered to the sick. At this event, volunteers, Vincentians from various conferences, the Hospital Deputy Director, the Chancellor Priest, and the Chaplain as well as journalists from two local radio stations, social service nurses and the beneficiaries were present.

The SSVP National Council’s President spoke briefly about the Society and its mission and then went on to explain how this emergency aid was accomplished. He also took this opportunity to thank the Vincentians and the Chaplain Priest for their presence despite the challenges encountered by the healthcare system facing an extremely difficult situation in Chad.

The Chancellor opened the ceremony with a prayer and, speaking on behalf of His Excellency Monsignor Joachim KOURALEYO TAROUNGA, Bishop of the Diocese of Moundou, gave thanks to all involved and asked the patients to remember this message from God : “ I will not leave you nor forsake you, I will be with you, be patient and trust in me ; I will care for you fully.”